Time to Get Winter Coats Out of Storage

December 19, 2023

Prepare for the Chilly Season: Retrieve Your Winter Coats from Self Storage

As the season changes from fall to winter, it’s time to start thinking about pulling your heavier coats out of self storage. Living in the south, we don’t experience much snow, but it does get below freezing throughout the winter. Staying warm is absolutely essential during this time of the year. In this blog, we will talk about ways to store your winter coat and why it’s important to get your winter coat out of storage on time.

1. Importance of Timing: You shouldn’t wait until the first snowfall to retrieve your winter coat from self storage. It’s important to get your coat out on time, so you can be ready for the colder weather. Retrieving your coat early can also help you avoid any last-minute rushes. Moreover, if you have stored your coat in a plastic garment box, it’s a good idea to unpack and air it out for a few hours before wearing it.

2. Maintenance: Once you’ve retrieved your winter coat from self storage, check it for any damage or wear and tear. Repair any damages immediately to ensure that your coat is in good condition for the season. It’s also important to maintain your coat throughout the winter by cleaning it regularly and storing it properly when not in use.

3. Proper Storage Methods: Before you put your winter coat away for next season into storage, make sure to clean it thoroughly. This will help to prevent any dirt or dust from accumulating on it while in storage. Once your coat is cleaned, make sure to store it in a cool and dry place. Hang your coat on a hanger and make sure to use a garment bag. Or fold your coat neatly and put it in a plastic garment box, as it can lose its shape if it is just thrown into a bin.

In conclusion, getting your winter coat out of self storage is an important step to prepare for the colder weather. By following our tips for proper storage you can ensure that your winter coat is in tip-top shape and ready to keep you cozy all season long!

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